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Casuarina Club Colours are Black, Aqua and White

Women - Shirt - Aqua/black/white (t-shirt and lycra)
                Skirts - Black (black lycra shorts-under skirt)
                Socks - Aqua with black and white bands

Men -     Shirt - Aqua/black /White 
              Shorts - Black purchase own - must be plain black - no boardies
              Socks - Aqua with black and white bands 

The Casuarina Hockey Club uniform policy outlines that all players will purchase their own uniforms and keep their uniforms as per the uniform requirements of the club, however this year shirts will be supplied for U7 and U9 but must be returned at the end of the year otherwise a fee will be payable.

Items that will be for sale from the club are:
New Mens shirt U11-Snr                       $45  
New Womens shirt U11-Snr (lycra)     $45
Hoodies                                                   $40 
U7/9 Playing T-Shirts                            $20
Socks                                                        $10
Skirts Size 4-18                                        $30

Recycled Uniforms $10 (skirts) $20 (shirts) if available

Players needing a new uniform or part thereof can order through clicking on the Uniform button on the front page. Email for any queries.  If paying prior directly to the Club account via internet, please (use name & Uniform as reference).

Payments can be made online to: Casuarina Hockey Club, NAB
BSB: 082679 
Acc: 583878332

Ref:  SURNAME Uniform

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