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congratulations to our club players, Tar
NSW P.S.S.A championship 2019 Catlin Hal
Jesse Reid, Tara Fitzpatrick, Shania Mye

Brisbane super league Southport Shark players, Tara Fitzpatrick, Jesse and Jade Reid, Zoe Smith, Shania Myers, Georgina Munro.   The mens represented by Callum Fitzpatrick, Joe Sandor and Oli Conroy.  


Nina Murphy  selected to represent QLD at the National Primary School Championships in Newcastle 2018.   Played Qld schools secondary championship in Cairns 2019. 

Catlin Halliday, Eliza Fahy and Milly Ella NSW P.S.S.A championship 2019 

Lucy Fitzpatrick and Grace Ella selected for U15 squad 2019 and 2020

Trinity Ella selected in the Old U18 squad 2020

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