Name: Casuarina Hockey Club 
BSB: 082679  
Account no: 583878332  NAB

Ref:  (SURNAME) Fees 


Note there is also a Hockey Australia/Queensland Fee to pay for Insurance and player contribution. This can be paid as part of the Club registration or by clicking here 

2019 Casuarina Fees (Includes All Turf Playing & Training Fees)
Registration enquiries phone Sharon Buchanan 0419260744 or Peter Fitzpatrick 0413 379 670

Division 1                 $355  (Additional Hockey HA/QLD Fee = $127)

Division 2                 $320  (Additional Hockey HA/QLD Fee = $127)
Division 3                 $310  (Additional Hockey HA/QLD Fee = $127)
Junior playing senior hockey  $290 
                                              (Additional Hockey HA/QLD 18-20yrs Fee = $102)

Junior U13/15/16/17   $210  (Additional Hockey HA/QLD Fee = $70)

Junior U11                    $180  (Additional Hockey HA/QLD Fee = $70)
U7's and U9's               $120  (Additional Hockey HA/QLD Fee = $37)


Goalkeepers with Casuarina gear 20% discount on above fees

Goalkeepers with their own gear 30% discount on above fees


Dual registered players 2019 (Includes All Turf Training & PlayingFees):
Division I Men (Dual Club within Tweed)     $230 
Senior                                                                $280 
Junior playing senior hockey                         $230
JuniorU11, U13, U16                                       $170
All Goalkeepers                                               $140

For any individuals or families having difficulties paying fees please email our Registrar to discuss a payment plan.

All turf training and turf/grass match fees for the year are included. The fees also include specialist coaches and equipment, Junior presentation, trophies, representative players, admin and general expenses and levy’s for field marking, maintenance and repairs.  


Costs for any pre-season fitness sessions and a significant portion of fees goes to Tweed Border Hockey Association and includes insurance, umpiring and administrative costs.