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Our Club values define what we stand for and how we behave internally & externally. It is the platform on which the brand of Casuarina Hockey Club is built. 


The following behaviours are our expectations of ourselves; our committee, our coaches/officials, supporters and our players.


Respect for each other, our coaches, opponents, umpires and supporters

Ø  We demonstrate respect by all of our actions with the club, players, coaches, officials & opponents.
Ø  Being punctual is a basic foundation for respect
Ø  We encourage feedback from each other, right place, right time, the right way. I will talk to you, not about you!
Ø  We respect and encourage diversity


Be the Best YOU Can Be

Ø  We all have different personal & team goals but we all take responsibility for achieving those
Ø  We do our best on the field without over-emphasising comparative performance yet still being determined to reach one's personal objectives
Ø  We support and encourage those who do strive for the highest level
Ø  We expect that coaches, parents and officials lead by example and encourage and reinforce our values and sense of self-responsibility


Unity through Inclusion

Ø  We welcome those who demonstrate our Club Values
Ø  We celebrate our wins and work on our losses together
Ø   We strive to be a championship club, not necessarily being a Club of champions
Ø  We embrace equality and inclusiveness



Friendship and Fun

Ø  Hockey is a game, so enjoy it and have fun
Ø  Encourage teammates and create a safe learning environment 
Ø  Sport provides the opportunity to create lifelong friendships with team-mates as well as opponents

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