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2015 Awards

U11 Boys Aqua

Best and Fairest = Sven Loemker

Most Improved = Dylan Franklin-Platt


U11 Boys Black

Most Consistent - Adam Laycock

Coaches Award - Christian Hayes


U11 Girls Aqua

Most Consistent x 3: Remy Finter, Claire Seaton, Lucy Fitzpatrick 


U11 Girls Black

Most Consistent: Trinity Ella

Most Improved: Tanisha Boyd


U13 Girls Aqua

Best Player:  Jessica Courtney

Most Improved: Ella Kirk


U13 Girls Black

Most improved: Jessica Myles

Most Consistent: Jade Reid


U16 Girls Aqua

Most improved: Maddie Alman

Most consistent: Jesse Reid & Michaela Bryant


U16 Girls Black

Most Consistent: Amber Jones and Chloe Quinn


U16 Boys Aqua

most consistent - Tyler Arundel

most improved - Patrick Leary


U16 Boys Black

Players Player: Aiden Read

Most Improved: Brayden Courtney


Div 3 Women

Most Improved = Prue Brims

Most Consistent = Elke Graham


Div 2 Women

most consistent Gabby Bryant.

Most Improved:  Zoe Smith


Div 1 Women

Most Consistent: Jade Prestwich

Most Improved: Sarah Franklin


Div 3 Men

Most Consistent - Jordan Gregg

Most Improved - Scott Tunstall


Div 2 Men

Oliver Conroy most consistent

Andrew Kent most improved


Div1 Men

Players Player – Peter Hollis  (most Consistent)

Rookie of the Year – Joe Sandor


Highest Junior Female Goal Scorer: Jade Reid 16 Goals

Highest Junior Male Goal Scorer: Joe Sandor 21 Goals

Highest Senior Female Goal Scorer: To be Confirmed


Highest Senior Male Goal Scorer: Sean Read 12 Goals


Club Person of the Year: Phil Reid

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