2013 Awards

Div 3 Men Aqua
Most Consistent - James Perkins
Most Improved - Fletcher Rainford-Markarian

Div 3 Men Pretenders
Most Consistent : Joel Clark
Players Player: Doug Wells

Div 3 Women
Most Consistent  - Anita Raftery
Most improved - Jacelyn Brown

Div 2 Women
Most Consistent: Cassandra Avery
Players Player: Ilah Arnold

Div 2 Men
Most Consistent: Phil Reid
Most Improved: Morris Aromalo

Div 1 Women
Most Consistent - Kim Tuckwell
Coaches Award - Vanessa Robson

Under 13 Girls Aqua
Players Player  Chloe Jones and Players Player  Michaela Bryant

Most Consistent: Jesse Reid

Under 13 Girls Black
Most Consistent: Kendra Fitzpatrick
Players player: Shania Myers

Under 16 Boys Aqua

Best Player  Tom Sandor
Best Player  Aiden Read

Under 16 Boys Black

Most Consistent Alex Barnes
Coaches Award Callum Flanagan
Coaches Award Laurence Ellis

Under 13 Boys
Most Consistent - Oliver Conroy 
Most Consistent - Tom Courtney
Most Improved - Kane Stewart

Under 11 Boys
Most Consistent : Kipp Thrupp
Coaches Award: Sven Loemker


Under 11 Girls
Most Consistent: Jade Reid
Most Improved: Kaylee McFarlane

Div 3 Women  (No shield with these Just individual trophies)

Coaches award                Mia Tarantini
Coaches Award           Alana Carter

Under 16 Girls Aqua
Most Consistent  - Brooke Hawkey
Players Player, - Bridget McLeod

Under 16 Girls Black
Most Consistent:- Keely Murray
Players player:- Grace Pollock

Highest Goal Scorer Junior Boys: Joseph Sandor 18 Goals

Highest Goal Scorer Junior Girls: Kendra Fitzpatrick 23

Highest Goal Scorer Senior Male: Alex Barnes 10 Goals

Highest Goal Scorer Senior Female: Kim Tuckwell 32 Goals

Club Person Of The Year:-  Richelle Courtney