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2012 Awards

Under 11 Girls Aqua
Most consistent: Lilli Dowker
Coaches award: Zoe Smith

Under 11 girls Black
Most Consistent:  Michaela Bryant / Kendra Fitzpatrick 

Under 13 Girls
Most Consistent; Gabriela Bryant
Coaches Award (most Improved): Annika Leary

Under 16 Girls Aqua
Most consistant   :  Keely Murray 
Coaches Award:  Jacelyn brown 

Under 16 Girls Black
Most Consistent (best & fairest)  Madison Fitzpatrick 
Most Improved:  Peta Sommerville

Under 11 Boys
Most Consistent player: Kipp Thrupp 
Most Improved player:    Patrick Leary

Under 13 Boys
Most Consistent.    Aiden Read
Most Improved.      Lawrence Ellis

Under 16 Boys Black
Most consistent     Ed White
Players player        Isaac Lindley

Under 16 Boys Green
Most Consistent: Alex Barnes
Most improved: William Bagnall

DIV 1 Women
Most Consistent: Kim Tuckwell 
Most improved: Jade Prestwich 

DIV 2 Women
Most Consistent: Keely Murray
Most improved:  Tara Fitzpatrick 

Div 3 Women
Most Consistent               Richelle Courtney 
Players Award                   Lisa Andrews

DIV 2 Men
Steve White: players player
Alan Doyle: Most Consistent

Highest Junior Female Goal Scorer 
Grace Pollock 25

Highest Senior Female Goal Scorer 
Kim Tuckwell 20

Highest Senior Male Goal Scorer
Sean Read  9

Highest Junior Male Goal Scorer 
Jaron Wilson (16)

Club Person of the Year, 2012 Sharon Buchanan

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